Friday, November 1, 2013

Great potential in Medical device market

2010-2102 China's domestic medical equipment market

In 2010, the Chinese medical device market(portable ultrasound scanner) for the first time exceeded 100 billion yuan , and in 23% of the high success rate jumped to second in the world. The U.S. market and a leading strategic consulting services institutions predict, "Twelve Five" period, China's entire medical instruments and equipment market will double, reaching $ 53.7 billion.
2012 National Bureau of Statistics, China's medical device industry enterprises above designated size reached 156.5 billion revenue compound annual growth rate of over 20%. At present, China's medical device market accounted for 14% of the total market medicine, and a far cry from the level of 42% of the world, it also allows the investment community to see a huge room to explore this area.

Chinese medical device market potential

Chinese medical instruments and equipment market has great potential, active participation of exhibitors are high . China Pharmaceutical Group , GE Healthcare ( GE ) , Hitachi, Siemens, Philips , Xinhua , Mindray , Neusoft , Wandong , Rayco and other well-known enterprises at home and abroad are participating, launched a series of grassroots medical institutions for the Chinese medical product solutions.
Its development potential is enormous , and now many high-end medical equipment , mostly imported , and as technology escalating domestic high-end medical equipment have been gradually replaced strength. Therefore, in the future , medical machinery market share will certainly continue to grow. Chinese domestic market medical devices cake big enough , though not with foreign manufacturers front line fierce battle , but the domestic manufacturers are gradually growing strength.
With an aging population and health care awareness significantly improve future medical device industry (lead suits for radiation) average growth rate will be higher than the pharmaceutical industry . The National 12th Five Year Plan for the development of medical equipment is to add a little more horsepower . State said it would focus on supporting 10-15 major medical device business groups, support 40-50 innovative high-tech enterprises , the establishment of 8-10 medical technology industry base and 10 state-level demonstration and application of innovative medical device products base.
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