Monday, October 5, 2015

The purpose of gastrointestinal decompression and nursing measures

Decompression technique is the use of suction and siphon principle,the insertion tube from the mouth or nose,through the tube to the gas and the liquid will accumulate within the gastrointestinal tract sucked out.Gastrointestinal decompression is very wide scope of application,commonly used in acute gastric dilatation,intestinal obstruction,gastrointestinal perforation repair or partial resection,and biliary tract or pancreatic surgery.

Decompression Objective:
Decompression technique is commonly used in thoracic surgery nursing technique,which aims to drain the stomach fluid and gas accumulation in the gastrointestinal tract,reduce bloating and suture tension,conducive to wound healing.Abdominal surgery,especially gastrointestinal surgery,preoperative,intraoperative continuous decompression to prevent gastrointestinal expansion,revealed beneficial vision and surgical procedures; complicated by aspiration pneumonia prevention of general anesthesia; also be used for gastroduodenal refers to the ulcer scar pyloric obstruction of treatment,preoperative indwelling nasogastric tube thick,warm saline lavage every day for 3 days,until the eluate clarified to reduce the mucosal edema; postoperative abdominal favor incision and gastrointestinal anastomotic healing.

What is gastrointestinal decompression

Nursing measures:
1.should be fasting during decompression,forbidden to drink;
2.properly fixed: the tube to be firmly fixed to prevent displacement or prolapse; maintain tube patency: maintain an effective vacuum,every 2 to 4 hours with 10 ~ 20ml saline flush tube once,in order to maintain lumen patency;
4.observe drain color,nature and quantity,and record the total amount of 24 hours drainage;
5.strengthen oral care;
6.observed intestinal function recovery after decompression,and 12 hours after surgery to encourage the patient in the bed stand,in favor of recovery of gastrointestinal function;
7.the tube is usually 48 to 72 hours after surgery,bowel sounds return,after flatus tube can be removed.

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