Monday, October 26, 2015

The clinical use of nitrous oxide Report

Nitrous oxide in clinical use survey
1.Clinical principle nitrous oxide
Nitrous oxide by inhibiting the central nervous system stimulant excitatory neurotransmitter release and nerve impulse conduction and change the permeability of ion channels to produce pharmacological effects.Is the least toxic inhalation analgesics,non-irritating to the respiratory tract,does not bind to hemoglobin in the body without any biotransformation or degradation of the heart,lung,liver and kidney function no damage,no inhibition of the circulatory system,maternal blood pressure,pulse,fetal heart rate had no effect,after the inhaled fast markedly,30-45 seconds to produce an analgesic effect,a few minutes after inhalation of 90% suspension can quickly excreted from the alveoli,10% evaporation from the skin.Its most notable feature is a strong analgesic effect and anesthetic effect is weak,50% for the analgesic concentration,when the concentration of 80% have a narcotic effect. usage
When used in hospitals,does not require a full-time anesthesiologist,a nurse during the operation as long as the surgeon is informed of basic usage by patients who are autonomous inhalation.And because the medicinal effect of nitrous oxide a short time,freedom of movement immediately after surgery.

What is nitrous oxide

3.Pay Status
According to the clinical status of the investigation charges,Shenzhen People's Hospital and the Nanshan People's Hospital and other hospitals are as follows,Shenzhen People's Hospital nitrous oxide for labor analgesia fee: 650 / person nitrous oxide flow fee: 200 / person Nanshan People's Hospital of nitrous oxide for labor analgesia charges : 550 / person nitrous oxide flow fee: 200 / person.

4.The clinical observation of effect
According to the survey said the two hospitals,nitrous oxide analgesia in childbirth and abortion patient response sedation,pain relief,better,no bad happens,and quick recovery.

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