Monday, September 14, 2015

Plexus stimulator application is introduced

In the hundred years of the history of anesthesia,until the 1960s the rise of postoperative analgesia technique,nerve block until attention again and has become a branch of anesthesiology.Injection of nerve localization and narcotic drugs when plexus stimulation is mainly used in limb surgery.

From the upper extremity surgery patients compare brachial plexus anesthesia and postoperative recovery,patients receiving brachial plexus anesthesia time away from the hospital in advance 70min,nerve block also can reduce intraoperative and postoperative pain and accelerating patient recovery.

Now confirmed sheathed block needle is better than in the past are not sheathed needle.Most reported that nerve stimulator success rate is relatively higher than paresthesia positioning method can reduce the dosage to reduce the incidence of postoperative complications in the nervous Nerve Stimulator for limb surgery were 3996 cases,a success rate of 94 percent,which method axillary brachial plexus block success rate was 93%,the average dosage of 22.6 ml; nerve stimulator for the operating doctors provide feedback information,no doubt added objective and accurate means of assistive technology.

What is Plexus stimulator

Nerve block advantages:
To pinpoint the nerve block,greatly improving the success rate of anesthesia,to minimize nerve injury,plexus anesthesia is best positioning products.Used to stimulate nerve to reach the regional anesthesia purposes.

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