Tuesday, September 8, 2015

How do you treat the bone hyperplasia disease?

Osteoarthritis is a common disease in the elderly.Here are some specific treatments for osteoarthritis:

UV therapy:
Its therapeutic effect mainly in the following areas:sterilization;anti-inflammatory effect;analgesic;promote wound healing; desensitization; promote the formation of vitamin D3; mediation immune function.But ultraviolet therapy may cause burns,and the effect is not lasting,easy to repeated attacks.

Massage and traction:
Suitable for neck,lumbar spine bone hyperplasia.Massage and traction completely rely on external forces,only partial treatment but they neglect the human body as a whole to adjust,therefore,can only play a temporary analgesic effect,but can not achieve the purpose of treatment.

Acupuncture can pass through the blood and analgesic effect.Eliminate local edema and inflammation,but it is osteoarthritis,acupuncture can only play a supporting role.

Western medicine treatment:
Western medicine for this disease is currently no effective treatment,often with symptomatic treatment,such as may take some anti-inflammatory medicine pain; numbness B vitamins may use drugs; joint swelling and effusion may be given partial extraction product solution or partial closure of other therapies.But it proved these treatments are not ideal,is only a temporary and not a permanent cure,the disease recur.

DC drug iontophoresis method:
DC drug iontophoresis method can give full play to the role of drugs.Primarily using osteoarthritis treatment instrument products,and various import mode,convenient regulation.

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