Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The working principle of frozen therapy apparatus

Cryotherapy device is the use of Joule - Thomson effect cooling principle, the use of refrigeration source is liquid carbon dioxide (CO2), according to the choice of different probe cold therapy pen refrigeration temperatures up to -65 ℃, -70 ℃; refrigeration and thawing are in probe ends, so refrigeration, thawing speed, small loss. End of the probe has a miniature thermocouple, the instrument can accurately reflect the temperature of the probe tip while recording refrigeration time; instruments refrigeration and thawing by foot switch control, so the operation is very convenient, easy to master.

frozen therapy apparatus price

Cryotherapy device is cold head, infusion tube, liquid bottle and handle four parts; rely on the evaporation of liquid nitrogen pressure formed so that the liquid nitrogen from the reservoir flows into the cold head by a bottle infusion tube, so as to achieve the purpose of cryotherapy, while With a variety of frozen head to ensure that the treatment needs of different diseases.

Cryotherapy device is the use of low-temperature refrigeration substances, acting on the lesion, causing a series of physical and chemical changes, leading to tissue necrosis, and therapeutic purposes; it can be used for retinal detachment, glaucoma is cyclocryotherapy, ocular tumors and ocular trauma surgery; also be used for a variety of ophthalmic diseases nevi, warts, papillomas, small hemangioma, follicular conjunctivitis. More products please click the website: http: //www.medicalequipment-msl.com/