Monday, July 13, 2015

Nerve stimulator product price analysis

Nerve Stimulator is the use of electrical stimulation produces a pulse current to stimulate the body to produce muscle trembling nerves pumping,so you can draw through twitch reaction to locate the position of the nerve;and muscle contraction by the treatment of some diseases;in the cerebral circulation electrical stimulation products Mainly used for cardiovascular disease,brain injury rehabilitation and relieve muscle pain.The main stimulator are:

Nerve stimulator for sale

1.EEG bionic stimulator (small EEG stimulation):focus on the treatment of cerebral circulatory diseases,improved cerebral blood flow,reduce infarct volume,there are two models,the price is about 22,000 and 55,000.

2.cerebral circulation function therapeutic apparatus:increase cerebral blood flow,protect nerve cells,promote the recovery of neurological function.Standard,luxury,liquid crystal type,etc.(4) the price at 50000-80000.

3.transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation:low frequency pulse current through the skin to stimulate the sensory nerves,acute and chronic pain, and neuropathic pain have a good effect,the price of around 6000.Very suitable for personal family therapy.

Plexus stimulation mainly for the use of anesthesia,anesthesia is a new,more commonly used in extremities surgery, currently the major hospitals in promoting the use of,but the majority of products are imported,less domestic dealers,the price between 25000-38000.More product details,please query:

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