Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Ozone gynecologic therapeutic apparatus of the ozone standards

Ozone gynecologic therapeutic instrument is a kind of using ozone sterilization of high-tech electronic instruments,which can effectively treat cervicitis,cervical erosion,vaginitis,pelvic inflammatory disease and other gynecological diseases, and has a repair,ozone and active ingredients to increase cell viability,accelerate wound healing and shorten the repair period.Ozone treatment for gynecological ozone produced have a certain standard,as follows:

Ozone gynecologic therapeutic apparatus for sale

1.the ozone unit: domestic recommended ug/ml to represent ozone concentration;ozone generator ozone unit volume ml,time unit is min.
2.the concentration of ozone output of ozone treatment of gynecological instrument:maximum output current concentration of 60ug/ml,and the output density continuously adjustable (concentration gradient 1ug/ml).
3.the ozone gas output magazine claim:ozone gas generator output is mainly ozone,followed by further containing nitrogen compounds such as nitrous oxide.
4.ozone generator with self-test function for detecting abnormal conditions occur when the device starts working status and medical personnel in order to properly carry out medical work,and conducive to the maintenance staff remote maintenance.

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