Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Introduction to the LED light curing machine advantage

portable LED Curing Light has become popular in European and American countries,and its application in the clinic has been confirmed,and more widely.Currently LED curing technology almost simultaneously at home and abroad,of course,one of the main reasons is the core element of high intensity LED basically a few large companies from abroad,there are no less than the overall appearance and even better than foreign products.At present,China LED curing unit has been exported to developed countries,so the purchase primarily to observe the appearance,quality testing and watching the trial results oriented.

the LED light curing machine for sale

Now some domestic manufacturers to adopt LED pure blue light-emitting diodes,light waves can accelerate sensitive reaction 420~480nm wavelength of the light-sensitive and whitening dental composite resin materials available for restoration dentistry and teeth whitening dental use.With traditional halogen curing light compared tolatest LED curing light has incomparable advantages:
1.Latest LED light tube full power,longer life.
2.Cold light, less heat.
3.Without cooling fan, work quieter.
4.High energy conversion efficiency,green energy.

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