Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The cleaning and disinfection of the dental machine

1.The flow direction:the direction of a full range of three-dimensional dynamic variable continuous spray wash (role in the article,the outer surface,such as dental handpieces surface and cavity);

2.confident dental machine Rated external pressure: 0.04; 1.00MPa;

3.cavity water pressure:0.3;0.4MPa;

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4.Automatic cleaning procedures:strong,standard,quick wash,fast,simple washing procedure;

5.Digital display:can display different programs flushing process,time,temperature,etc;

6.drying methods:high temperature heat dry;

7.used dental machine Automatic sewage: a unique double pump structure, dual filters, so that the stain separation, automatically excluded;

8.composite vacuum filter:10um filter impurities rate of more than 99.97%;

9.brightener dispenser:automatic release and has automatic alarm;

10.Applicable detergent:liquid or powder;

11.Safety device:automatic fault diagnosis (tips) emergency shutdown;

12.Water Filter:porosity of 96%,filtration rate:20-85m3/h;

13.forming a rounded stainless steel liner:high temperature,corrosion-resistant,easy to clean;

14.best dental machine Host size (length; width; height):Q2S:470;470;460 (mm);

15.The cavity volume:Q2S; 57L;

16.A maximum cleaning phone number:Q2S; 11;

17.The Working noise:50dB;


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