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The benefits of veterinary ultrasound to pig and using method

As we all know, has been with the sow pig owners are left with a headache one thing, is a look at the short term than the loss. According to statistics, a sow empty cup a day, which caused economic losses of about $ 20, you will need more than just feed costs 7 yuan (feed unit price 2.8 yuan / kg, 2.5 kg intake / day).veterinary ultrasound machine appears to reduce the risk of these losses, more widely.
So Step Action it?
veterinary ultrasound for sale

Equipment preparation:

1. Before use, you must first carefully read the manual, in strict accordance with the requirements of the operation.
2. B - are currently adopting the built-in power, you need to check before using the battery charging status.
3. After the device probes connected with the body, can be used.

The actual operation:

1. Design a dedicated table, seized records were pregnant.
2. Inspection conducted with pregnant by two people, one hand to check a person to observe and record inspection results.

Pregnancy test site:

1. sows: sow ventral backend penultimate between the first three pairs of nipple to nipple between 5-10cm sow milk base from the outside, 45 ° to the direction of the spine to adjust to visit.
2. Gilts: Sow 1-2 ventral backend penultimate between the outside top of the nipple nipple 5-10cm from sow milk base, spine-oriented 45 ° to the direction to adjust the visitation.

Pregnancy test method:
1.pregnancy test time: 21-28 days gestation pregnancy test performed .35-42 days.
2.used veterinary ultrasound machines the device is turned on, make sure the probe tip coated with an appropriate amount of coupling agent (ultrasound diagnostic special sealant conducive to full contact with the skin of the probe), the probe with pig skin snapping, pregnancy testing site at a small angle mobile observation device screen to see if there is no obvious black spots or black with empty circles, to determine whether the pregnancy. The probe must be confirmed before the pig skin contact if there is dirt on the skin, if any dirt will affect the diagnosis.
3.endometritis within sows on the screen for pregnancy, but pregnancy show different, skilled can distinguish.
4.When the screen displays a particularly large with empty black circle, sometimes close to occupy the entire screen, compared with the bladder.
5.The right of the diagnosis is negative when pigs in the left repeat testing, as were negative, can initially determine the pig is empty pregnant sows.

A diagnosis of just sow processing:
1.1st check for negative pregnant sows in pig cook significant mark and recorded on the recording form, focusing on observation, detection can be repeated a week later, if still negative, you can accurately Pregnancy discrimination is negative pigs.
2.pregnancy negative pigs do aphrodisiac treatment, but non-cloprostenol injection. For injection of hormones, it is best to use PG600.
3.Record and Form: Design-by-record forms sows records as a reference.

Correct and effective use of vet ultrasound machine for sale,can effectively reduce the sow just rate, especially just late pregnancy rate.B ultrasonic judgment sows pregnancy success rate in more than 99% commonly, long-term effective use, can put an end to have with the sow. Just late.(MSL) guangzhou medical professional and technical personnel, an abstract heron long song!
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