Friday, September 12, 2014

Proper use and maintenance of the ultrasound probe

Some people said the veterinary B ultrasound probe response problems,here i remind users friends,B-probe irrational use is likely to cause damage to the probe,the following give us explain the proper use of veterinary B ultrasound probe. 
1.B ultrasound probe is heavy core components of Veterinary B-machine,in the course of non-beating,falling,collision.veterinary ultrasound probe into the machine when not in use probe protective case,protective case should be kept dry and clean.Diagnostic medical ultrasound coupling agent should be chosen.And should always check the probe shell jacket for cracks or damage,avoid invasive liquid damage internal components.Cleaning should always check whether a medical castor oil filled the probe,otherwise it will produce bubbles,affecting image quality.If bubbles appear,the injection hole facing the probe,unscrew the screw seal,the probe is rotated slowly,the screw hole to move the bubbles,using a syringe with a needle to inject a small screw hole castor oil (as shown) after discharge screw on tightly sealed bubbles,wipe the surface of the paint to the probe. 
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2.Make sure to use the qualified ultrasound coupling agent,prohibited the use of fake and shoddy (oil or other chemical solvents containing ingredients) coupling agent,otherwise the B-probe cause great damage. 
3.B-veterinary After detection,B-probe must be clean,use a soft cloth soaking the probe surface cleaning,remember not to use cardboard and other scrub,or vulnerable to acoustic lens damage the probe.Instrument host,the adapter housing should be clean and apply a soft,dry cloth to wipe the dust from the surface of the body,and then use 75% alcohol swab gently wipe the probe. 
4.Ultrasound box probe structure is non-watertight,can not be immersed in any liquid below the seam line probe. 
5.B-veterinary Upon completion of testing,should first host power off,and then unplug the B-probe. 
6.Before using positioning for in vitro lithotripsy machine,ultrasound therapy machines and other high-power devices or shake the device should be positioned at the end,strong power equipment or shake the device has not been turned on,the probe is removed to ensure strong power ultrasonic or vibration does not act on the B-probe,otherwise the probe will be damaged easily. 
The above describes the proper use of veterinary ultrasound machines probe for sale on,I hope everyone in the use of veterinary B-time,please take good care of their B-device,to avoid unnecessary losses. 
Tip:To ensure long-term stable and reliable machine work should start immediately after shutdown,you should wait at least one minute before re-boot.Also must be strictly in accordance with the instructions,or is likely to cause damage to the instrument during use,if equipment failure,should promptly contact our after-sales service center,they must not disassemble the instrument itself. 
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