Monday, September 1, 2014

Difference between ultrasound scanners for human and for animals

Many people are confused about the difference between human bovine ultrasound machines and veterinary ones,then where does it lie?

Firstly in application fields,human ultrasound scanners are for hospitals and clinics,while animal ultrasound for farms,slaughterhouses,sanitary authorities,pet hospitals and so on.

Secondly in purposes,human B ultrasound is for locating the placenta,measure of amniotic fluid,surveillance about the growth of fetal.At the same time,it can monitor deseases like Gallstones,cholecystitis,bile duct tumor,biliary ascariasis and obstructive jaundice.The vet ultrasound is mainly for animal pregnancy,measurement about the fetus's heart rate and gestation age.

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Thirdly in measuring parts.For example,on pregnancy test,human's parts are Pelvic,uterus and annex,while animal's parts are inner thigh,lateral nipple,if for large anilmals,it needs diagnose in the rectum.

Fourthly in the volume,veterinary ultrasound scanners are portable.Medical ultrasound are generally desktop cart type.Thus,human ultrasound machines are more expensive.

Fifthly in specifications,human ultrasound machine for sale can be used on animals,while veterinary ultrasound machine can't be used for human beings.Special abstract of professionals' from MSL.

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