Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Animal ultrasound image analysis

With the development of reformation and opening,both the scale and management of animal husbandry has come to unprecedented progress.The veterinary ultrasound has been widely used in the breeding industry,so do other professional medical equipment.Their join promote the development of farming and animal husbandry in China.While recently,many customers response the veterinary ultrasound is out of order,we got to know that most of them don't know much about the medical equipment and made a wrong judge ment to the images. 

First,the veterinary ultrasound is usually the cross-section images

Veterinary ultrasound equipment
B-mode ultrasound diagnostic method is to display the echo signal in the form of gray scale.The strength of the light reaction reflection and attenuation of the intensity of ultrasonic echo interface.These points of light,light and smooth constitute part of a two-dimensional tomographic images to be detected dimension tomograph or section image.These images are sonograph. 

Second,the different gray scale reflect the different echo

. Weak echo or low echo means the low light intensity and failure phenomenon.The middle echo means the light intensity is the same with the normal Echo Intensity.The echo enhancement means the echo enhancement is higher than the Echo Intensity.Strong echo or high echo The echo of the bright spot,with acoustic shadow or secondary echo many times 

Third,animal ultrasound(Cattle Ultrasound Scanner) images are real time display

B-mode ultrasound diagnostic method is to display the echo signal in the real time in the form of gray scale.Ultrasound as a fast accurate safe noninvasive diagnostic method,with its characteristics of visual reality. 

Forth,veterinary ultrasound is easily disturbed by the gas and fat

A multiple echo,internal reverberation is usually seen in the endoskeleton and gas.Typical internal echo many times occurred in animal body superficial emphysema,echo in emphysema wall between the transducer and reflected back and forth many times,many of the same artifact
Finally,(cheap ultrasound machine)animal ultrasound display rang is 3.5MHz probe and the maximum detection depth is 190mm.Only fully understand the animals and his imaging characteristics of ultrasound,in be used actually can achieve maximum precision.Specially offered by the Guangzhou MSL.
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