Friday, June 7, 2013


Table 1 lists some major companies and manufacturers of radiation protection instruments(x ray protection), their worldwide web Internet addresses, and their electronic mail addresses. Commercial product catalogues, usually now available on the Internet, contain a wealth of specific information on the theory and operation of instruments.
This company list represents no endorsement by the author; these companies were selected because their worldwide web Internet sites provide details about common radiation protection instruments advertised for research, laboratory, environmental, security, medical, and health physics (safety and protection) applications.
Basic instruments require only modest modifications for specific field applications. Table 2 contains a typical product list of medical radiation protection instruments. Instruments are regularly reviewed in Technology Monitor articles in Health Physics. One general interest group shares information regarding procedures, selection, testing, and standardization of instruments. Basic radiation detection principles and instrument designs are described in university level science textbooks in Health Physics(pair of crutches) curricula; comprehensive descriptions appear in Knoll, Shapiro, Turner, and Gollnick.
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