Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Indications and contraindications of anorectal therapeutic apparatus

Anorectal treatment indications:
Used Anorectal therapeutic apparatus for each internal hemorrhoids,external hemorrhoids,mixed hemorrhoids,anal fissure,anal fistula,prolapse,anal eczema,bowel pain and other anorectal disease effect is very significant,but the patient can be observed throughout the hemorrhoids off process on a computer screen.

Where to buy anorectal therapeutic apparatus

Anorectal treatment contraindications:

New Anorectal treatment contraindications are the following,these people are not suitable for surgical treatment of disease,the patient can choose to apply after examination within the rule of law,external treatment and so on.
1.there is acute perianal abscess or eczema.
2.hemorrhoids with dysentery or diarrhea.
3.due to abdominal tumors caused by hemorrhoids.
4.hemorrhoids with severe tuberculosis,hypertension,liver,kidney disease or blood disorders.
5.pregnant women in labor.

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