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One-time use of negative pressure to attract a product profile of the ball

Disposable suction ball generally consists of catheters,balloons,drainage pipes,drain plugs and backflow diaphragm joint composition; suction drainage for clinical use and storage of drainage.When used,the first out of the gas inside the balloon,the negative pressure created by the balloon in the air out of the tubing,the introduction of disinfectant,to disinfect walls,has a simple structure,easy to operate features.Drainage sphere by volume divided into two sizes: 100ml,200ml,made of medical silicone.Suction drainage ball should be sterile.

Pressure suction ball for sale

portable Disposable suction ball Note:

1,after the sterilization process,and only one-time use,do not open or are sterile before breakage,non-toxic and non-pyrogenic in the package; if the packaging is damaged,prohibited; After destroyed.
2,should be stored at a relative humidity less than 80%,non-corrosive gases and ventilated room.
3.Subject to the provisions of the transport and storage conditions,over sterilization validity period shall not be used.

cheap Disposable suction ball Instructions:
1.Open the bag,remove the suction ball,check catheters,drainage tubes it has twists and turns,obstruction;
2,the suction ball drainage tube suction drainage needs fixed site;
3,with a finger exhaust air balloon body,then drain plugs plugged,release your finger start automatically generate a negative pressure drainage,according to hospital care with procedures.

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