Monday, January 5, 2015

Bird flu sterilizer of MSL won gold medal in the Invention exhibition in Paris

The invention of Portable timing broad-spectrum sterilizer won gold medal in the 122nd International invention exhibition in Paris.
Portable stainless steel steam sterilization equipment MSLPS02
The timing broad-spectrum sterilizer MSLPS02 is small in size and easy to carry around. The short wave ultraviolet, together with the lotion kills the bacteria, tubercle bacillus, germs, spores and fungus. It can prevent the swine flu and avian influenza virus staining from animals to human, thus, suitable for animal farms and public places.
The Paris International invention fair is established by inventor Louis Repin in 1902, who was the police chief in Paris. Thereafter, Repin Invention Award was selected among small handicraftsmen in Paris annually. It was be endowed with wider significance until 1912 and then developed into an international invention competition. Until now, the competition part of Paris International invention fair is called as Repin Invention Competition.
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Which are the transmission of the virus? How does the bird flu transmit to human?
The contact infection is the main transmission for the bird flu.
1.The bird flu virus can enter the body through the digestive tract and respiratory tract.
2.Direct contact with quite a number of the products of the virus,like the waste,feather,respiratory secretions,blood from poultry.Also it will be infected by the eye conjunctiva and abraded skin....
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