Sunday, May 11, 2014

Cook Medical developed innovative metrorrhagia examining catheter

The kind of catheter MSL introduced on Aug.6th.The innovative feature is that doctors can acquire clearer ultrasonic images(bovine ultrasound machines) when inspecting metrorrhagia patients by injecting saline solution into uterine cavity.During the process,doctors can also sample to do endometrium biopsy as the actual inspection condition may require. 
Metrorrhagia is one of the most common diseases that lead females to paediatrics and obstetrics.In America,there are up to 10,000,000 patients turn to doctors for metrorrhagia per year.It can be one symptom of some serious illness,such as endometrial carcinoma,leukemia.And even a common metrorrhagia patient can suffer anemia if not timely treated,not to mention that at the same time,daily life of the patient can be affected badly. 
Portable medical ultrasound devices for sale 
It's claimed that the uniquely shaped sealing component of GoldsteinSonoBiopsy can prevent the overflow of saline solution that flows into the uterine cavity,which ensures ultrasound images(cheap medical instrument).When biopsy is demanded,this catheter will adsorb endometrium tissue for diagnosis.Using this kind of catheter,two tasks of ultrasonic inspection and biopsy can be simplified as one. 
Doctors who have used GoldsteinSonoBiopsy confirm that ultrasound diagnosis(bovine ultrasound machine) and biopsy done with the help of GoldsteinSonoBiopsy only cost 70% of the regular time and the discomfort of patients may also alleviated. 
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